Client Sir Robert McAlpine – Consultant M3 Consulting

100 Liverpool Street

The prominent 100 Liverpool Street building forms part of the new Broadgate Circle development, a huge refurbishment undertaking so close in proximity to local infrastructure.

Due to this, one of the drivers for the project was to create as little disruption to the area and the general public accessing the station as possible. This meant trying to utilize the existing cementitious spray originally applied to the structural steelwork, which was coming to the end of its serviceable lifespan.

WRR-UK were employed directly by the consultant to carry out Q.A. and adhesion testing using our specialist equipment and trained personnel to scientifically prove the existing spray had a strong bond to the substrate, and that the thicknesses originally applied would be sufficient to achieve the increased fire resistance period.

For fire resistant systems such as spray and intumescent coatings that rely on strong adhesion to the substrate often the only way to ensure this bond is still strong is to employ this method of testing that WRR-UK have been carrying out fort many years.

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